Emails, Facebook, Twitter, Web page development, PR… if you join Velocity now you can have it all for free through December.

December is considered by some to be a dead month – a month when schools don’t buy, and therefore there’s no need to do any marketing.

However, most of the companies that have the most successful January campaigns to schools achieve these good results because of what they set up and do in December.

Emailing to schools itself can certainly work in December, with sales coming in during that month or in January.  But also, setting up and developing your Facebook and Twitter account can be done in December, ready for a major push in the new year.

Plus, for some of the companies we work with, we sometimes feel that the web page to which they send interested teachers might not be as powerful as it could be, and we can either suggest re-writes or actually do them.

And once again, anyone who joins Velocity in December gets this for free.

And all that is before we work on your PR campaign. PR campaigns vary, but in one case we set up School Dance Week for one of our clients.  In another case we are developing a website full of “Learning outside the classroom” locations and activities.

There are many, many such activities, special weeks and informative PR websites that can be set up, and once more December is the ideal month for getting the planning and development of the site done.

Velocity is a programme in which we work with our clients in detail, planning and carrying out their advertising to schools.  In a typical case we might plan and write three emails a month for a client, as well as developing a special event or resource-based website that they might be associated with.

We also review and, if agreed, re-write web pages, and come up with multiple ideas for developing the campaigns, as well as working on Facebook and Twitter, either feeding into existing programmes or launching from scratch.

Of course, throughout the whole campaign it is our client who is in full control, and nothing is done until they sign it off. Our job is to come up with ideas, and, where agreed, bring them to fruition. So we only do what is wanted and what is agreed, but the opportunities are all there.

What makes signing up now rather than next year, particularly beneficial, is that we can not only send out emails for you in December, free of charge, but also work in any specific areas that you want in preparation for the future.

So if you feel our idea for a special week to celebrate or develop your particular area of engagement with schools could be beneficial, we can work on that.  If you want us to launch your social media campaigns or your blog, we can do that.  We can also plan and prepare any research that we might suggest should be undertaken in order to gain more insight into why teachers buy one product rather than another.

And all without it costing you a penny.

All you have to do is sign up for Velocity for a minimum of two months, at a rate of £495 per month, which includes email writing and transmission, social media, PR, research planning, developing a special week, etc.

To put this in perspective, if you sell products on which you make £20 a sale, you just need 25 additional sales from our work each month, to pay for Velocity.  And since we will send out at least three emails a month that certainly should be possible even without all the extras.

There is more about Velocity on our web page – but if you prefer please call 01536 399 000 and ask for a member of the Velocity team. We’ll be delighted to help and answer any questions you have.  Or you can email the head of the Velocity team at

Tony Attwood

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How to keep sales rolling in through December, and get January going with a real bang.

Oh I have done it myself! I get carried away with the run up to Christmas and forget to make important decisions that can affect January sales quite considerably.

Of course, just because I can make a mistake in my planning doesn’t mean that you will, but just in case, I thought it might be helpful to put forward a few key dates for the coming weeks.

30 November: From this date onwards all emailings using personal email addresses aimed at secondary schools, special schools, and nursery schools will be reduced to £75.00 per list for the rest of the year.  We only have a limited number of slots available, so it might be advisable to call us sooner rather than later.

All the lists and technical details are shown on our emails website and all  the emails sent during this period will qualify for the free inclusion on UK Education News and our other websites (normally resulting in doubling the number of click throughs gained).

1 December: Any solo mailing that we receive which we can process between this date and 23 December will be given a 20% discount on labels, envelopes and labour from our current price list. We’ll also give a free email campaign in January to the same list that you are mailing, and free coverage on UK Education News. Please do call 01536 399 000 to discuss.

11 December: If you wish to join in the shared postal mailing to schools in January, and you would like Hamilton House to print your leaflet, we need the art work by this date. Details are on ­ and as usual we will be supplying a free email and website campaign for everyone who books in.

18 December: We will need all the printed material for inclusion in the shared postal campaigns which go out to schools in the first week of the new school term. 18 December is also the date that the school term ends in most schools in the UK.

23 December is the last day of the year that the Hamilton House offices will be open.

January 2016 is both the day on which we re­open at Hamilton House and is also a training day for many schools ­ meaning the teachers will be back reading their emails (if they haven’t been picking them up on their mobile devices at home during the hols), but not busy teaching.

January sees us despatch our postal shared mailing to primary schools.

7 January is the despatch day for the first secondary school shared mailing (the one we needed the printed material for on 18 December).

After that it is pretty much business as usual.

If you want to discuss any issue relating to these dates, or come to that pretty much anything else, please do call 01536 399 000. To make a booking or if you have an email enquiry then its Chris@hamilton­

Tony Attwood

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Email any teacher or manager of your choice in secondary, special and nursery schools in December for just £75 + VAT.

As you may have read of late, when you book into an email campaign with Hamilton House you not only reach the teachers by email, but you also reach them through social media and various websites.

Because of this you will not only get enquiries from the regular email campaign, but you’ll get up to twice as many again from teachers who have seen the social media or the website campaign.

Better still these extra promotions do not involve you in any extra work at all. The email can be fully designed or text only – and if it is fully designed, just send us a text only version as well, so we can accommodate the website requirements.  Then your click through rate will rise.

For all emails to secondary schools, special schools and nursery schools that go out from 30 November onwards to the end of term, you will get this double hit (through the emails and the social media and websites) at half the normal price.

Even better, as long as we get your copy three working days ahead of the date of transmission, and as long as you don’t have any technical issues or last minute changes, we’ll send the copy out on the day you want.

Of course, there is a limit on the number of emails we send out per day, so it will be very much on a first come first serve – and when we did this last year, we really did have to disappoint a few companies because the schedules were full.

So if you want to book a space from 30 November to the end of term at the £75 rate, just email confirming you want to do the mailing and noting the list you want to go to.  Then you just have to get the copy to us, three working days in advance of the email date.

To see exactly how many email addresses we have for any particular head of department or school manager just visit our emails website: click for secondary schools and here for special and nursery schools.

We are also extending the offer this year for overseas schools but please note that teachers overseas tend not to see the social and website campaigns.

If you want help in writing and designing your email, or examples of successful emails, or any clarification of technical issues, there is information along with examples on our website – or you can forward your copy to us ahead of the mailing and we’ll be pleased to offer our thoughts and suggestions.

The charge of £75 plus VAT includes our taking your email, sending it to the teachers you request, and placing a text version of your advertisement on UK Education News, plus at least one other website, as well as on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

If you have any questions relating to the use of these lists, about any technical information, or indeed about booking into the service, please just call 01536 399 000 or email

We are, by and large, awfully nice people.

Tony Attwood

If you want to know more about how we maximise response rates through reaching teachers who never read their emails, you might like to read our new report: Reaching Every Teacher.  It is free, just email and write Reaching Every Teacher in the subject line.

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Reaching teachers who never read emails

If you only promote to teachers by email then 50% of them will never see your message.  However, there is a simple solution.

In the world of email advertising, there is a measurement called “open rates”.  This measurement is supposed to tell you how many people have looked at your email.

It’s an incredibly inaccurate measure, but even taking the most liberal interpretation of what constitutes an “open” (and believe me, a lot of people argue about this) it is impossible to get a figure of above 50%.

And not all of these teachers will actually have opened and read. Where the definition comes down to having the person whom you want to reach actually reading the email, the figure will be much lower.

What this means is that even using the best copywriter in the world and every trick in the marketing book it is still utterly impossible to get your email looked at by even half of the teachers you want to look at it.

So what to do about the other half? The half that never read commercial emails sent to them at work.

Sadly, sending emails again and again doesn’t help and, if anything, is liable to get the sender blocked. Hence my headline: If you only promote to teachers by email then 50% of them will never see your message.

But, as I also said above, there is a simple solution. And fortunately it is totally free.

For teachers and school managers who don’t read emails can be reached in other ways, such as through the education news accumulator service, through websites, and through social media.

And that’s the solution. If, in addition to sending out your email, you also place your message on the right websites and on social media – then you will get the response rate you are looking for.

Customers of Hamilton House who use our personal email services also have the option, at no extra cost, of using these services and having their adverts placed on the leading education news accumulator site, on educational websites, and on social media.

And not only is this all available free of charge, but the real bonus is that generally speaking social media and the websites will generate double the number of click throughs than the email campaign.

If you are not familiar with news accumulator sites or the way Facebook can be used to reach many more teachers, do give us a call.  But please be assured there is nothing for you to do – we handle the whole process. Of course, you can see your advert on our education news site (do click here to see it). 

And here’s yet another extraordinary fact. The average person who visits UK Education News stays on the site for over half an hour! The site refreshes every four minutes so you can see new stories appearing at the top of the central column, and can click through on any that take your interest.

If you would like to ensure that your next email reaches every possible teacher in your selected group, including those who don’t read emails, just call and we’ll talk the whole thing through with you. The price for coverage of one subject area of secondary teachers starts at £125.

Just call Hamilton House on 01536 399 000

Or if you prefer, email me:

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How can we claim higher responses?

Personal emails to teachers was the solution ten years ago.  But what can we do now the market has moved on?

Way, way back it was all about emailing schools at their office@ address.  It started out ok, but quickly response rates declined.  So ten years ago we hit on the notion of emailing teachers at their personal email addresses.  And that helped.

But that was only stage one, for just as that problem was solved, others came along.  If your email hit schools on monday and your competitors emailed on thursday, your email might raise interest in your product or service, but by the time the school ordered it could be their advert that caught the attention.

Solving that problem was the third development in email marketing, after developing generic email addresses and then personal email addresses.

But then we found that as personal email lists grew, the number of teachers not reading email adverts at all also grew.  This didn’t just affect teachers, it was a universal phenomena but in schools it meant a whole group of senior teachers dropped off the radar.

Three years ago we found out how to reach a huge number of these missing teachers through the online rolling news site UK Education News.

But still analyses showed there were some teachers left who never read their emails (no matter who sent them out) and who were not interested in the latest discussions in education.   This year we’ve found out how to reach them. 

So for the moment we are back on top of the game.  Of course something else will happen soon and we’ll be trying to solve it again, but for now we reckon we can get your message to most teachers.

And here’s the good bit.   You can send out emails via Hamilton House, and get the writing and design done, overcome your competitors, and reach the teachers who don’t read their emails.   All for under 5p each email sent – with the other services given free of charge.

The programme where you get this is Velocity – our contract service.  But don’t worry if you don’t want to sign up to a regular email service.  You can still buy your emails and have them reach the teachers who don’t read, on a one off basis for the same sort of price.

In this case you do have to write it yourself – but if you want you can let us see your advert, and we’ll let you know what we think – and why.

If you want to know more about how we have maximised response rates through using personal lists, writing in a particular way, and perhaps most powerfully, reaching teachers who never read their emails, you might like to read our new report: Reaching Every Teacher.

It is free, just email and write Reaching Every Teacher in the subject line.

If you would like to know more please call 01536 399 000.  

Tony Attwood

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Pay for one get five

What is by far the most effective way of reaching teachers
without having to bother with lots of different media?

Most postal shared mailing companies just send out your leaflet to schools, and that is that.

Not Hamilton House.  For when you do a postal shared mailing with us we also (without any extra cost and without any extra work on your part) send your advert to schools by email.

And still that’s only the start.  After that we place your advert on a highly responsive teachers’ web site (which can bring in even more orders than an email campaign) and place the adverts on our Facebook and Twitter pages for teachers.

So that is a free email campaign, a free listing on UK Education News, and free coverage on Twitter and Facebook – without you having to do any extra work or learn your way around each different approach, and all without any extra cost!

Five separate campaigns when you do a shared mailing.

No wonder that companies that do a shared postal campaign with Hamilton House are liable to get a much higher sales rate than through any other company.

Of course this might all seem a bit too good to be true.  This might seem a lot of free services, and the bit about no extra work might seem quite a promise to make too.

But really this is what we are offering to all our customers who take part in our primary or secondary schools postal shared mailing in January 2016. 

And yes, just to assure you, we do know quite a lot about what we are doing as we started running shared postal mailings to teachers 35 years ago, and email campaigns to teachers some 15 years ago.  In fact that is probably why we offer all these beneficial extras while other firms don’t.

Now I know that next year might seem a  little way away, but we will need the leaflets before Christmas so we can get the packs ready in time..

Basically all you need to do is create the leaflet you want us to send to teachers, and send it to us. 

Once we have got your booking we will send you a simple note about how the email, UK Education News, Facebook and Twitter approach works – but there is nothing for you to do except send us the text of your advert as a Word File.  We do all of the work.  

Of course if you want to vary and change your advert in each medium, you can.  But the simplest approach is just to send us the postal advert, and the text of that advert or a variation, for the email as a Word file.

What we will do is send your leaflet to the teachers for under 10p per school.  Then we’ll email your text message to teachers using our personal email address database, we’ll put it on UK Education News, and place it on our Facebook and Twitter service: Savings For Schools, at no extra cost.

So to be quite clear – you create the leaflet and send us your text, and we’ll do everything else.  That’s it.

And it is all for £480 if you want to send one leaflet to all 5000 secondary schools, or £650 to reach the 5000 largest primary schools.   If you want to send two leaflets to secondary schools it is £720.   There are details of our prices for mailing the largest 10,000 primary schools and for mailing all 24,000 primary schools on our shared mailing prices page.

Once you’ve booked in we’ll send you a short note about how our email, UK Education News, Twitter and Facebook services work, so you’ll know exactly what is happening, how and when.  But really there is nothing else for you to do.

There’s more about shared postal mailings on our shared mailing summary page, including examples of shared mailings that have worked particularly well, with details of why they worked, etc.

The next secondary school shared mailing will be despatched on 7 January 2016, with leaflets delivered to our warehouse by 4pm on 18 December 2015.   We also have a shared mailing to primary schools on 5 January, and the leaflets are again required on 18 December. 

●       If you have any questions please call 01536 399 000
●       If you want to make a booking please email
●       If you are specifically interested in emailing schools you might like to read our article       
        The guaranteed email campaign.

Tony Attwood

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Free emails to schools

A free email campaign to schools, plus free web coverage (to double the email click through rate) with each solo postal mailing

November and early December are traditionally positive times for postal campaigns to schools.  Everything has settled down after the new intake of pupils and students, and indeed these days the new intake of teachers that each school absorbs in September.

The Christmas festivities don’t get going until quite close to the end of term (around 18 December) and so November and early December is a time for teachers to review where they have got to, and to start to consider the additional resources the school needs.

This autumn for everyone who is undertaking a solo postal campaign to 4000 or more schools in the UK, we are offering a free personal email campaign to go with it.  You can choose any of our email lists for the campaign (details below); all you need to do is to supply us with either the text of your email, or an HTML file.

Then, having sent out your postal campaign and your email campaign, we’ll support you even further by placing the text of your advertisement on the UK Education News website.

The effect of this is normally to double – sometimes even treble – the number of click throughs you will get onto your web site, as a result of the email campaign.  And that of course is in addition to the direct sales you get from your postal campaign.

Postal campaigns can be to almost any selection of schools that you want.  You can select by age range, counties, funding, or most other things.  You can choose nursery, primary, the largest primary, secondary… anything you wish.

The cost of a postal campaign to 4000 or more schools with two A4 sheets folded together in a C5 white paper envelope is £760 for labels, envelopes and labour, and £960 for the postage, making a total of £1720 – or 43p per school.

It is worth noting that if you were to undertake this approach using stamps the cost of the postage alone would be £2480!!!  Even with using a franking machine the cost would be around £1560 – still considerably more than the cost of postage via Hamilton House.

Now the question of course arises, is it worthwhile spending 43p per school on a promotion?

Many postal promotional campaigns can gain an order rate of around 2% (although of course it does depend on what you are selling), meaning you might expect 80 schools to order.  If you are making a profit of over £21 per school at this response rate, you will be making a profit.

But there are several additional benefits.

First, you will gather the names and email addresses of the teachers ordering, which means you can go back and promote to these people again in the future, at virtually no cost.

Second, the free personal email campaign will almost certainly bring you in some sales as well (and we can certainly help you with the writing of the email, and indeed your sales letter if you wish).

Third, the UK Education News advertisement will normally bring in another raft of enquiries to your web site, which ought to result in orders.

And finally, you could get more than 2% sales.  Our largest ever order rate direct from a postal mailing campaign we wrote was 12%.  We can’t guarantee your response rate, but interesting sales above 2% are possible.

All things told, this post+email+UKEdNews is one of the best offers we’ve ever been able to make, and should certainly bring you in a higher level of sales than a mailing through any marketing company or advertising agency that does not offer the free email campaign and the major website exposure of UK Education News as part of the mailing.

If you would like to know more, or would like to see how the price varies for more items in each pack, heavier items, using larger envelopes etc etc, please do call 01536 399 000.

If you would like to see a list of the various personal email lists we have on offer, which can be used for free with this mailing, please visit here for our secondary lists and here for our primary school lists and here for our list of nursery schools and special schools.

Tony Attwood
01536 399 000

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20% discount with Hamilton House

A 20% discount on your next order of (almost) anything from Hamilton House.  Just for being our friends.

We’d like you to like us. I mean we’d really like you to like us.

In fact so much would we like you to like us that we are going to offer you a discount of 20% just for clicking one click and showing that you actually do like us.

If you are on Facebook and have ever enjoyed any of the blogs we produce, or if you’ve used our services and thought that by and large we were fairly reasonable people trying to do a decent job, simply go onto the Hamilton House page on Facebook and like us.

You’ll find it a fairly painless exercise, and then whatever the next thing is you buy from us (with just a few exceptions as noted below) it will be 20% off the pre-VAT price.

If you are a Velocity customer you’ll get 20% off your next monthly invoice. If you buy an email mailing from us, then it’s 20% off that. If you buy our generic email list for your own use, it’s even 20% off that.  And if you do a solo postal mailing, there’s 20% off the cost of labels, envelopes and labour.

It will simply apply to your next invoice with us. So even if you are not about to buy something, you can still like us now, and then take the invoice when you do decide to purchase something.

In fact the only things specifically excluded from the offer are shared postal mailings, the postage element of any postal mailing, and any services which we have to buy in on your behalf.  If you want to clarify any point, do call us.

But remember the liking of Hamilton House costs you nothing – it is just a tick in a box – and in return you get the discount on your next invoiceable event with us.

If you would like to know more about any of these activities here are the details…

●       The Education Blog – twice weekly news on selling into schools

●       The Direct Marketing Blog – twice weekly ideas on improving response rates

●       Velocity – how to expand your sales working closely with the Hamilton House team

●       The subscription lists – highly responsive email newsletters that teachers opt into

●       Emailing secondary schools – the list of personal lists

●       Emailing primary schools – the list of personal lists

●       Emailing special schools and nursery schools – the list of lists

●       Emailing school offices – the generic list

●       Overseas schools – the list of lists

If you have any enquiries about this discount, and indeed if you are not on Facebook but would like free guidance on how you can get your company on Facebook and start making additional sales in that way, please call 01536 399 000.

Once you have liked us on Facebook, simply call us to arrange for your order and tell us that you have liked us, and the discount will be applied to your next invoice that qualifies.

Of course, if you really, really like us you could also share our Facebook page with others.  We can’t stretch to giving you another discount for that, but it will be an awfully nice thing to do, and will almost certainly make you feel good inside.

Tony Attwood

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The guaranteed email campaign

Marketing to schools via email means you can measure how well your advert is doing.
But sadly sometimes the numbers are confusing.

In this little piece I’m going to consider three different sets of numbers. Then I’m going to offer you an unconditional guarantee which will apply with any promotion you do with Hamilton House, in the unlikely event that you don’t get the sales you want.

My three sets of numbers are the figures that are most widely quoted when people talk about emailing schools. They relate to how many email addresses there are on a list, how many people are likely to open your email, and finally how many of these people will then click through to your website to get further information.

These are three fairly important figures, I think you might agree, and although none of them relate to actual sales, they are for many companies the starting point. We’ll come to sales with the guarantee at the end of this little piece.

So, let’s begin with something fairly obvious: how many personal email addresses are there on a specific list? That at least should be a fairly straightforward question to answer.

Or at least I thought it should be, until I was told that there are companies on the internet offering as many as 450,000 personal email addresses of school teachers and  managers.

That bemused me because, as far as I can tell, there aren’t 450,000 teachers and managers in British schools.

Indeed the total given by government figures is under 400,000 and many of these either don’t have an email address at school, or never look at their school email address.  Many more don’t have any buying power at school, and so are not worth contacting.  Numbers, it seems, are not always what we think they are.

So moving on to our second figure, what about open rates?

The problem with measuring the number of people who have opened an email, especially in relation to schools, is that most teachers and managers are using software akin to Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. These programs allow people to read the text of an email without clicking on anything to “open” it. 

I am starting to wonder if some firms now include an estimate for these people who read without clicking. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, as long as they make that clear.

It is also a fact that many programs measure the event of a school administrator forwarding an email to a teacher as if the email being “opened.”  If a second person opens it, that is another open. The numbers escalate, but they no longer reflect readership.

Finally, the click throughs. Again we can see some people claiming click through rates of 12% or higher – and quite honestly I would take these with some caution, unless one is emailing a list of genuine subscribers who have filled in a registration form on-line.

These issues of unexplained figures have bothered me for some time. Basically if the email list is ok, and the sender is whitelisted by schools, LAs and the grids, there should be very little difference between one sender’s results and another’s.  And yet some email companies claim they get click through rates three times as high as anyone else!

In reality, aside from the way you write the advert itself there are only two ways to increase the number of click throughs you get from the email you’ve sent out to your web page.

First is by running the email on a news accumulator service and putting it on a highly read web page.  With Hamilton House all emails for which we have text-only copy go onto UK Education News and this normally brings in very good results in terms of click throughs.

Second by adding social media to your advertising. This can cost as little as £15 a week (many of our Velocity customers get it free) and can bring in huge results as you can reach many teachers who are simply not reached by other forms of advertising.

What’s more, where we can get teachers to recommend your website to other teachers, the number of visits to your website can itself escalate  dramatically although, of course, the number of visits you get to your website is not the same as the number of sales you get.

Which is why we are now offering a guarantee. If you don’t get the expected number of sales from an email we send out for you, and yet we are seeing good click through rates, we will do two things.

First, we’ll look at your advert, and suggest ways in which it might be changed to get even higher click throughs. Second we’ll look at the landing page, and offer to re-write it for you in order to turn these clicks into orders.  Finally, when you’ve made these changes, we’ll run the advert again.  Free of charge.

If you would like to talk through any detail of this offer please just call 01536 399 000 or email me at the address below.  If you want to book into a mailing or campaign of any type just email     

Tony Attwood

More sales from shared mailings

Why do people get higher response rates with Hamilton House shared mailings?

Several companies offer postal shared mailings to schools, and of course there is always a temptation to think that they are much of a muchness.

After all each company delivers its pack of leaflets to the school for the school administrator to pass on to the relevant teaching and managerial staff.

But there are no less than four good reasons to think that the Hamilton House shared mailing really will bring particularly good responses.

First, in the pack itself the number of leaflets tends to be small, and the cover page which lists the leaflets contains the latest news from the School of Educational Administration and Management – the association for school administrators. This helps encourage the administrator to open and distribute the leaflets in the pack.

Second we have guidance on the way that one can write and design leaflets in order to ensure that they get forwarded by the school administrator and reach the teacher you wish to reach. Just take a look at our sample advert and then look at the commentary on that sample advert, explaining why each element of the advert is as it is.

Third, without any extra cost we will send out a copy of your advert by email to the personal email addresses of the teachers of your choice. You just send us the email as a text file or an HTML file, with a link to your website at the end.

The number of click throughs to your website will be dependent on what you are selling but it can result in up to another 100 people going to the web page you nominate as the link.

And that is still not all, because after that we will place your email advert on UK Education News. This rolling news website is now so powerful that it often generates three times as many click throughs to your website as the email itself! So although numbers do vary you could get as many as 400 visits to your nominated web page, in addition to the sales from the leaflet!

Pull all this together and what you get is your leaflet delivered to the secondary schools, plus your message also sent to teachers via email, plus a really powerful free listing on UK Education News – all combining to give you the most powerful multi-media coverage possible.

And here is a final bonus – if you wish, we can print 5,000 leaflets for your secondary shared maling, black on white, one side, 80gsm, for just £10.

The next postal shared mailing to secondary schools is on on 10 November. We need the printed leaflets no later than 3 November.  If you are asking us to print we need the camera-ready art work by 27 October.

The price including the mailing to 5000 secondary schools, plus the free email, and inclusion in UK Education News is £480 for one leaflet per school, £720 for two leaflets.

To check on availability, to talk about leaflet design, and indeed to discuss any points of detail relating to our postal shared mailing, please call 01536 399000. Or to book into a mailing please email

Tony Attwood

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