What’s the point of a postal shared mailing?

Shared postal mailings with free email campaigns

The obvious answer to the question, “What’s the point…” is that you can reach a lot of teachers for a very low price with a shared postal mailing. In fact the cost is less than the cost of a personal email.

To send one leaflet weighing under 15g to a teacher in each secondary school costs around 7.7p per teacher. To send two leaflets (for example to two different teachers) takes the price down to 4.7p per teacher.

Given that the lowest price available for emailing teachers through our personal lists is 10p per teacher (and that is with the discount for doing the whole list), this is a remarkably interesting option.

Which I suppose is why postal shared mailings have come back into fashion.

We run postal shared mailings throughout the school year and there are details of all the dates we offer here (http://www.shared.org.uk/SharedMailingDates2012.html).

On all these mailings we offer a free use of our generic mailing list – but with certain dates we offer an extra bonus – a free mailing using one of our personal email lists. (If you are not sure on the difference between personal and generic lists, please do call 01536 399 000 and we’ll talk it through).

The personal email lists are shown on http://www.emails.gs/Secondarynamedlist.html  and you can select an A list or a B list with your postal shared mailing at absolutely no cost. You can email the same people as you mailed through the post, or choose a completely different list.

Our next postal shared mailing to secondary schools with use of one of our Personal Email lists free of charge is on March 21, with delivery of materials by March 14. But don’t forget that all the shared mailings listed on our site now have free use of our generic email list.

For more details or to make a booking please call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood

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