10,000 emails sent for £99

I wrote the other day about the School Procurement site whereby you can be part
of our Product Finder Service.

We have had a few calls since then about other low cost ways of advertising to

These fall into our “background marketing” approach – they are not intended to
be ways of making huge numbers of sales (although you can strike lucky,
especially if you got the £5k contract I mentioned before) but rather should
bring in modest sales and keep your company name in front of teachers all the

One particularly interesting approach in this regard is shared emails wherein
you reach 10,000 relevant teacher email addresses, for just £99.

Forthcoming dates for this service in the coming weeks include

28th Feb: ICT
28th Feb: Primary Schools
28th Feb: Maths
5th March: Geography
5th March: Secondary Heads
12th March: Health and Safety
12th March: Drama
19th March: Languages
19th March: History
26th March: Music
26th March: PSHE, Citizenship
26th March, Primary Heads & Deputies
If you would like to know more please call 01536 399 000 or see
Tony Attwood
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd reg number 2444392 VAT 354907535GB. Phone 01536 399 000.

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