The most powerful way of reaching teachers

I wrote last week about background advertising; the approach to keeping your company’s name in front of teachers, even when they are not thinking of buying. The aim of course is to make sure that they think of you when they do come to buy. (In case you missed it, there’s a full report on background advertising to schools on our blog – see the link below).

Background advertising is helpful – but you will also need to market your product or service very positively to teachers from time to time – and that’s what I want to turn to today – foreground advertising.

Perhaps the most powerful approach to foreground advertising that there is, is known as EPE – which is short for Email / Postal / Email.

EPE starts by sending an email to the teacher that you want to reach in which you highlight the benefits of your product and give a link to your web site. At the end of the piece you also say that you will shortly be sending out some more information in the post.

Part two of EPE involves sending out that postal campaign – normally a letter and a brochure or a leaflet.

Finally you send a second email which says that the brochure has been sent, but that if the teacher didn’t get the letter then you will happily send another one. You also give the link to the web site again.

The EPE process is especially powerful when the emails and letters are addressed to teachers by name. The service works because it allows you to reach teachers three times, without the teachers feeling that they are being swamped by promotions, and encourages those who normally only read emails to look for your postal promotion, and vice versa.

Best of all you don’t have to invest a fortune in EPE, because it can be tested with a small trial mailing at the start.

A trial run of 500 schools including two sets of emails (where ever possible to the personal email addresses of the teachers you want to reach), followed by a postal campaign and then a second email, costs just 59p per school.

If, once you have seen the sales generated by the 500 school trial, you decide to go ahead and undertake an EPE campaign to a further 4500 schools the price per school for this promotion drops to 49p.

You can of course select the types of school that you want to mail by age range, funding, location etc, as well as the role in the school of the teacher you want to reach.

The prices include email transmission, use of the relevant lists, postage and packing. In fact the only thing not included is the printing – although we can of course quote for that if you wish.

The full report on background marketing to schools is on… For more information on that, or on EPE please call 01536 399 000.

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