School pleads for help in spending £5000

We regularly email teachers asking to tell us of their wants and needs in terms of products and services.

Here’s an email that came in this morning…

“I was forwarded an email from you to my line manager this morning.

“My department currently has a surplus of approximately £5000 which we must spend before the end of the financial year. I would like to explore the possibility of purchasing a set of i-pads or a suitable Android Tablet which could be used by students…”

This request is interesting – first it confirms my point that schools do have money to spend before the end of term.

Second it confirms that emails of interest (such as the one we send out offering the Product Finder service) do read and do get forwarded around the school. All one has to do is get the text right.

Third, it shows that the “product finder” service works (which we know because we get requests in all the time).

To become a company that gets forwarded details of requests like this from schools, you need to be listed on the School Procurement Site at The basic cost is £25 per year, although you can have an enhanced listing for more (see The site along with the free product finder service is promoted regularly to schools).

For details on this or any of these low cost marketing approaches please do call 01536 399 000 or see where there is a broader summary of our services.

Also to book into the School Procurement Service again call 01536 999 000.

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