A list of school fax numbers? Errr…

I have been having a bit of a rant recently about certain marketing adverts which give details of ways of reaching teachers in schools.

Obviously since HHM sells marketing services focussed on education, I am biased in this regard, but over the years I have managed to look at a few schemes that are not quite what they are cracked up to be.

The world of marketing to schools has been quite quiet of late, but suddenly we are getting a little flurry of adverts that seem to be a little close to the edge. I mention each of them as they arrive, but of course it is up to you if you take note or not.

The latest one suggests that marketing to schools via fax is a good idea. In fact a huge number of schools are listed on the Fax Preference Service, which means that you should not fax them without their express permission.

Worse, schools in general are very savvy about the FPS, and they know full well that they are listed. So if you do fax these schools you can expect some fairly hearty replies.

Of course some schools are not FPS registered, but they tend to be schools that don’t take much notice of faxes anyway. I would say, be cautious.

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