Asking teachers what they want

Promoting your company to teachers always has one big problem, no matter how you do it.  You have to convince the teacher to have an interest in what you are saying

But supposing you could write to teachers who had already said that they were specifically, at that moment, interested in your product or service.

This is what we are going to try and achieve in 2012: getting teachers to come to our clients with requests for information.

First off, we are writing to teachers asking them if there are particular products or services they are lookin

Then we gather up the replies, and forward them to companies that we know are involved in the relevant area of work – and in effect putting teacher in touch with supplier.

The mechanism we are using for the link is the School Procurement Site –   Only the companies listed on that site will have their details sent on to teachers who request information.  

In the trials we have done we’ve had varying success with the programme – and we’re not yet at the stage of being able to say that it will bring in x or y amount of sales.   So we are running the service with no charge to companies beyond the nominal £25 it costs to have a listing on

If you want to be part of the programme, just go to the School Procurement Site link above, and then having seen what it is all about, go to to see how to be listed.

The basic listing as noted above is £25 for a year, and this will include  the first rounds of our contacting teachers to ask what products or services they are specifically looking for, and forwarding on any relevant results.

But apart from being within that service you will of course be on the site for a year and so will benefit from teachers looking through the site for details of suppliers.   Do remember that although only a minority of teachers will send us an email saying “I am looking for x or y” many more will go onto and search on their subject area – and our emails will be promoting this.

Hope you find this new idea interesting.  If you want to talk about it I am in the office 21/22 December – but after that, the office is closed for Xmas/New Year.


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