The great howler

My favourite email today.  From Jo Brown, the clothing catalogue.

“So Christmas is quite literally around the corner.”

Err… no it isn’t.  Christmas is a date, and dates don’t go round corners.  Christmas is metaphorically just around the corner.

What next?  It is literally raining cats and dogs?


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A video on your web site? Beware

We recently did a survey of teachers who are subscribers to our Education Management News service (a free email service akin to this newsletter, but one that takes adverts).

In it we asked about the use of You Tube in schools.  We asked particularly, as of late we have had a number of clients who have put You Tube type videos on their home page in order to draw customers in.

What we found was that only half of the teachers who replied felt they could always view You Tube videos without hindrance at school.

About a quarter said that some You Tube links are blocked.  A quarter said ALL You Tube type links are blocked.

In a separate part of the survey 10% of teachers indicated that although they can see You Tube they can’t get sound on the computer that they use at work (mostly because it is in an area such as a staff room, with no headphones available.)

Given that such a significant proportion of teachers might not be able to see your video, it does suggest that making it a central part of your on line publicity might not always be the best move.

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