Shared mailing with free personal email campaign

Shared postal mailing to secondary schools or the largest primary schools with free email campaign of your choice.

January postal shared mailings to schools are always a problem.   (Not a price problem of course since postal shared mailings have always been a fraction of solo prices, but rather a delivery problem).

Our first mailings which come with a free email campaign go out around 10/11 January – and that means delivery of leaflets to us by 4 January.  Now the trouble is that most courier firms don’t restart work after the new year break until Jan 3rd, which means you have got to get your printing done before Christmas, and then catch the courier on the first available day.  Possible, but difficult.

So, we are very happy to accept booking and delivery prior to Christmas – but we shut on 22 December at 5pm.  Which means booking soonish to get a place and really, delivery prior to 22 December.

The free personal email campaign (which comes free with the postal shared mailings listed below) goes to the individual email addresses of specific teachers (not the generic school email address).  You don’t have to email the same people as you send the postal leaflet to – you just choose one of our email lists from – more details below.


5000 secondary schools
Mailing date: 11 January
Delivery of materials by 4 January

5000 largest primary schools
Mailing date: 10 January
Delivery of materials by 4 January


  • 1 leaflet, £388, 2 leaflets £472 (price per leaflet 4.7p)
  • Weight charge: £20 per gram after the first 15g. 
  • Multiple leaflets: If you are sending more than one leaflet the leaflets do not have to be to the same teacher,

The full list of personal email lists that we have is given on for secondary schools and for primary schools.

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