20% discount on all postal mailings

20% discount on postal mailings that we fulfil in December to post in January

 For postal mailings prepared in our warehouse in December, which are despatched in January we are offering a 20% discount on envelopes, the mailing list and labour.

 To qualify for the discount we need to be able to undertake and complete the work between 1 December and 22 December – which normally means delivery by 15 December at the latest.  However I must add that some years we have filled our warehouses, once this discount period is announced. 

 So please do note: you have to book in, in advance, and let us know when the materials will arrive.    Just call 01536 399 000 and arrange to get a quote and then if you are happy book in your material.  

 Just a couple of technical points – you don’t have to pay for the postage until just before the mailing goes out.  We simply need the postage money cleared through our bank account before the mailing is handed over to UK Mail or Royal Mail.  You will get the usual discount on bulk postage, in addition to the discounts we give on envelopes, labels and labour.

 And just to be clear, the discount on mailing lists assumes that you are using Hamilton House lists.  As always, we have all schools, local authorities, colleges, universities, nurseries etc etc.

 When enquiring please do let us know that you want the work done in December for despatch in January, so that we can be sure to give you the 20% discount.

 Tony Attwood

Hamilton House Mailings Ltd reg number 2444392 VAT 354907535GB.  Phone 01536 399 000.

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