All school email addresses for under £50.00

School generic email addresses (that is to say, those that start office@ or info@)  can be effective for testing the water in terms of advertising copy, trying out new products, and collecting the email addresses of teachers who express an interest in specific topics.

Indeed in a recent study we were able to get a response rate of just under 5% from teachers we mailed at random using our generic list.

We’re now making our complete generic email list for just £49.99 plus VAT.   What you get is the email address of virtually every local authority, private and state funded school in the UK, plus the Isle of Man and Channel Isles, supplied as a spreadsheet.

You just drop the spreadsheet into your email transmission program and send it out.  (Sorry but as I am sure you’ll appreciate, we can’t do technical support with this in terms of your transmission program – but if you don’t have your own program ready to send out emails, do get in touch to talk about us sending the emails out for you).

The addresses are separated into primary and secondary sections, and we also provide geographic identifiers and school names, so that you can select schools by county and do random emailings.

The list supplied is updated once or twice a term – we can let you know when it was last updated if you call us on 01536 399 000. Notices about new additions of the list are sent to subscribers of our daily news service. To join that news service free of charge just email and then click reply when you get a confirmation email back.

You’ll also get a printed report with information on using the list and ways of getting the best response rate.  You can use the list as often as you wish, but it can only be used by yourself and your company – it can’t be sold or loaned on to or given to another company.

The total number of schools listed is currently 26,811.  We have removed from the list schools that block or otherwise reject all emails to their generic address, or have stopped using the generic address totally.

Just to clarify the prices – it is £49.99 plus VAT for the list supplied as a file attached to an email, or that price plus £4.95 if you want the list on a CD.

To obtain a copy of the list on CD just email or call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood

Hamilton House Mailings Ltd reg number 2444392 VAT 354907535GB.  Phone 01536 399 000.

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