In terms of selling to schools, your future is made


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When you email 1000 teachers at their personal email addresses do you make over £40 profit from the resultant sales? If so, then your future is made.

Companies that work with Hamilton House regularly can ask us to send out five emails a month to teachers of their choice in secondary schools using our lists of personal email addresses.

Each email can be to the same teacher (for example, advertising different products) or to different teachers each time – it is entirely up to you.

And then if it is the case that when you email these prime addresses you know that each time you reach 1000 teachers you will make £40 profit or more, then the whole campaign is paid for.

But that is not all, because after this comes the bonus.

The programme that allows you to undertake five mailings a month using our personal email lists of secondary school teachers, will cost you just £495 per month.

You just write the emails and send us the text or the HTML design and we’ll send them out week by week to the teachers you want to reach. However we will then do much more than this.

For customers in our Velocity programme not only get their five emails a month for £495, they also get a complete and comprehensive review by a team of marketing experts of your offer and your website.

Of course, you don’t have to take any notice of what our expert team says, but since we process thousands of email campaigns to schools each year and see the results, we do tend to know quite a bit about what makes email and website campaigns work.

We also offer a series of free services like the newly launched Savings4Schools service, which you can be part of.

Then there is our social media service in which we regularly advertise in such a way as to encourage teachers to forward advertisements for our clients on to their friends on Facebook, etc. It is not unknown to post to 10,000 recipients and reach an additional 5,000 teachers on top of this.

Not to mention free listings on UK Education News and our other widely read websites.

So my point with that headline is, if you were to make just £40 profit from each 1000 teachers emailed at their personal email address, then via your emails you will break even on the charge for Velocity, but make a significant amount more because of the extras Velocity brings.

And if you make £80 per thousand, then just write the adverts, send them to us, and we’ll send them out – because you will be making a profit from the off.

Here’s a further benefit. Velocity doesn’t have any long term contract – after the first month you can give one month’s notice at any time.

If you would like to find out more about Velocity, please just call 01536 399 000 or email the head of our Velocity team:

Tony Attwood

The lowest-cost way of reaching teachers


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Reaching teachers online has just become a lot easier – and a lot cheaper

UK Education News is a rolling news service which is widely read by teachers, both during the holidays and during term time. Now you can have your advertisement placed on the site for just £4.95 including VAT.

To see how the service works the best thing first of all is to take a look at the website using the link above. And please note that in this service we are talking about the stories that appear down the centre of the screen, not about the block adverts that appear at the top or on the right of the site.

As you will see, UK Education News consists of a series of headlines of news stories and announcements – and it is these headlines that make teachers decide which story to read. They see a headline they like, click on it, and go to the article.

So the drawing power of the headline that you see on the site determines how many people click on the link and go to your announcement.

Because your advertisement will appear on the site in between articles from major news sources, teachers read down the list looking for stories that will interest them. It is up to you to find the best headline that, without misleading, will attract teachers.

Your article will be reached by anyone clicking on the headline and it can be anything you want as long as it will be of interest to teachers and contains nothing illegal or untoward. One particularly attractive approach is to advertise a free report which the reader has to apply for by email. You can then collect the email addresses of people who are interested in the report and add them to your mailing list.

You can also talk about a product, have a link to a web page, include your phone number, or anything else. It is completely up to you, but the one thing that we can’t publish are pictures. If you want to include illustrations, put a link to your website and place the pictures there. There is no word limit in the advertisements.

If you want to get a story or advertisement listed on UK Education News just visit our booking site and pay the £4.95 with a credit card.

We will automatically send you a link to download a booking code number and simple instructions back, and then you just email the advertisement to us attached as a word file. We’ll also send you a sample of the sort of advertisement that can work on this service.

Your headline will start of the top of and will then gradually work its way down the page. The process normally takes about five days. Your article or advertisement will continue to be held on one of our news sites, and so will be available for anyone searching Google etc for any key phrases in your advertisement.

If anything is not clear about this process, please do call 01536 399 000 or email

Tony Attwood

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And so teachers return


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Many teachers in secondary schools start to return to school today (or at least they read their emails at home!)

20 August is the day on which GCSE results are announced, with many teachers taking the opportunity to return to work either today or in the remaining week and a half before teaching starts.

With most secondary teachers now picking up emails sent to their personal accounts at school on home computers or mobile devices, it is possible to reach these teachers, whether they are at home or at work.

And if you choose to email them in the next ten days the cost will be just £75 per list. Then from 1 September we move across to our new term-time charges.

Full details of all our secondary school teacher email lists are given here. During the rest of August you can email all the named individuals on any of our lists, and reach the remaining schools where we don’t have the email address via the school administrator, for just £75.

Once we reach 1 September our new price list takes over – and this once again gives a new range of options.

If you want to nominate the exact day on which your email goes out we will undertake to do that providing we get the email within enough time for us to set it up and run it. The charge is £240 and that includes emailing to both the teachers for whom we have a personal address and the rest via the school’s generic address.

However if you are able to give us two weeks in which to send out the email, the price comes right down to £125. We will send out the email as soon as we possibly can.

What’s more, we guarantee not to send out your email at the weekend or during half term weeks or school holidays.

The two weeks’ schedule is counted from the day we receive the copy for your email.

All bookings are, of course, subject to availability as we do limit the number of emails we will send to any teacher in a week. So it is worth booking in sooner rather than later.

The secondary school email list page contains not just our list of email lists, but also details of the way in which we need to receive your email. For further information please do call 01536 399 000.

Meanwhile, our primary school email lists continue as before.

We’ll be annoucing lower prices for our emails to special needs schools and nurseries in the coming days.

Tony Attwood

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Approach teachers through every possible medium


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Free PR and a free email campaign using personal email addresses, at the start of next term

It is a fact of life that some teachers read all their incoming emails, some are avid users of news services on the internet, and some still prefer to be addressed by post.

But of course it is difficult, costly and time-consuming to cover all three media.

Which is why we occasionally offer a special programme in which you can send out a leaflet to schools at under a quarter of the normal cost and at the same time get a free personal email campaign to the teachers of your choice and be listed on the leading on-line news service that teachers use.

The next occasion all this happens is with the shared postal mailing to all secondary schools in the UK on 16 September which comes with a free email campaign to the teacher of your choice, using personal email addresses of teachers.

But before you think – that’s a month away – I would like to point out that we do need the printed material a week before that day; two weeks before if you are asking us to print the leaflets for you.

In the shared postal mailing service your leaflet travels to schools with those of other organisations. On the top of the pack is a letter to the school administrator from the School of Educational Administration and Management, the leading body representing the interests of school administrators.

Apart from the latest news to administrators (which is what encourages them to open the pack and read the letter) the leaflet also provides a list of the leaflets enclosed and a request to pass them on.

If you have never been in a shared postal mailing before, please do call and we’ll be pleased to send you a copy of a recent shared mailing pack.

But you won’t just get your leaflet in the shared mailing pack. You will also be able to have an email sent free of charge to the personal email address of teachers of your choice – you can see the full set of options we have on our emailing website.

And you can safely ignore the price structure because if you are in the shared postal mailing, there’s no charge.

In addition you will get your message on UK Education News – the prime rolling news service used by teachers – plus as a bonus your full advertisement listed on Teacher News or Parent News or one of our other news services, as you wish.

There is information about the whole service on the shared mailing webpage, including samples of adverts that have worked particularly well – including details of exactly why the advert was constructed in that particular way.

And as if a free email and a free listing on UK Education News were not enough, we can also offer to print 5000 copies of your black on white leaflet for £10 when you book into this package.

The key point to remember is that if you want us to print your leaflet we need the artwork by 2 September, and if you are printing it yourself we need the printed leaflets no later 9 September with the mailing going out on 16 September.

The cost of one leaflet in the pack is £450, which is 9p per teacher. The cost of two leaflets (which can be to two different teachers if you wish) is £575 which is under 6p per teacher. For this price your leaflet/s reach 5000 schools, and you get the complete email campaign and the PR campaign included in the price.

If you have any questions please do call 01536 399 000 or email

Just a final point: this is the last shared postal campaign at the current prices. After this one, unfortunately the price will be going up.

Here is a summary of the upcoming dates

2 September: schools in England and Wales return
2 September: art work needed if we are being asked to print your leaflet for the shared mailing
9 September: printed material for the shared mailing required
16 September: mailing despatched to 5000 secondary schools.
We also have shared mailings to primary schools and early years settings. Please call for details.

Tony Attwood


£75 to email heads of department


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Email any teacher or manager of your choice in all the UK’s secondary schools
for just £75 + VAT.

There is now a more effective low cost way than ever before of reaching heads of teaching departments, headteachers, bursars, and all the other senior staff in secondary schools.

Quite simply, you can choose the person you want to reach, let us have your email copy or full html file, and we’ll send it to that teacher or manager in each school for just £75.00.

Where we have the personal email address of the individual we’ll send your message to that address, but where the school has a policy of not passing on personal email addresses we’ll send the email to the school office with a request for it to be forwarded.

But that’s not all.

After that, if you provide us with a text only version of your advert, we will publish that on the leading education site UK Education News as well as on one or more of our other education sites listed here – all without extra charge.

These additional on-line listings are normally the equivalent of having the whole email campaign run for a second time in terms of the number of views that your advertisement will achieve!

To see exactly how many email addresses we have for any particular head of department or school manager just click here, where you will also find all the relevant information on around 50 different managers in secondary schools and special schools.

If you want help in writing and designing your email, there is information on that, along with examples, on our website – or you can forward your copy to us ahead of the mailing and we’ll be pleased to offer our thoughts and suggestions.

The charge of £75 plus VAT includes our taking your email and sending it to the teachers you request, as if it came from you, at any time between now and 30 August. Thereafter the price rises to £125 plus VAT.

If you have any questions relating to the use of these lists, about any technical information, or indeed about booking into the service, please just call 01536 399 000 or email

We are, by and large, awfully nice people.

Tony Attwood

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Selling to Scotland at the start of term


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Schools in Scotland return around 17 August, but very few companies seek to catch their attention at the start of term

One of the key ways to get a teacher’s attention is to email him/her at a time when you know the teachers are at school but your competitors are not trying to contact the teacher.

And when it comes to Scotland, that time is late August.

Most UK companies start their advertising to schools in September, meaning that heads of departments and managers in Scottish schools get very little email or postal promotional material at this time.

However Scotland has 2098 primary schools and 406 secondary schools which re-open in mid-August, and these can be separated out from our lists if you just want to email Scotland.

As a special bonus for reaching schools in Scotland at this time, if you want to email a teacher or manager in all the primary schools in Scotland we will undertake this for £70.00.

For the 406 secondary schools the price is £40.00. These prices apply to any emails that are sent out in August 2015.

In each case what we will do is email all the primary or secondary schools with the email addressed to the teacher of your choice. If we have the personal email address of the teacher, we will use that, if we don’t we will send it to the school email address with a request for it to be forwarded to the relevant person.

In many cases we have the personal email address for around half the heads of department or managers in secondary schools, with a lower percentage in primary. Either way you will reach all the schools in Scotland within your selection.

As an alternative, if you wish to email these teachers yourself, we can supply you with the email addresses of all the schools in the UK which can be selected by age range and by counties for £59.99. This list is available for unlimited re-use for your own promotions.

We also have school email addresses for nursery schools and for special schools. Full details of all of these non-personal lists are on

However I would stress that it is not advisable to email schools in bulk yourself unless you have a suitable program to undertake this or you are using a third party’s service that is able to accept emails which start “office@” or “admin@”.

If you would like to make a booking for any of our lists please do email If you have any enquiries please do call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood

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Reaching Careers Teachers and Heads of 6th Form


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Careers teachers and Heads of Sixth Form will be in school immediately after the arrival of A Level and GCSE Results – a perfect time to reach them

A Level results are released on 13 August, with GCSE Results out on 20 August, which make these dates a perfect time to communicate with Careers and Sixth Form teachers in school.

We still have some vacancies for emailing to schools in association with those days. Here are the details.

13 August: A level results published. Heads of Sixth Form and Careers Advisers are on hand to help students. If you have any specific interest in reaching these teachers at this time we still have a few vacancies available for emailing schools.

20 August: GCSE results arrive. All students in England must continue with some form of education until the age of 18, and once again a lot of staff are on hand to accommodate student requests.

The most appropriate email lists to use at this time (all of which are available in August at half price) are:

  • Heads of Careers: 1876 personal email addresses at 6p each
  • Deputy Heads: 3375 personal email addresses at 6p each
  • Heads of Sixth Form: 1750 personal email addresses at 6p each
  • Headteachers: 2343 personal email addresses at 6p each.

Also in school at this time are…

  • Bursars: 1777 personal email addresses at 6p each
  • Site Managers: 1765 personal email addresses at 6p each
  • School Business Managers: 1762 personal email addresses at 6p each.

The prices above include the transmission of your email directly to the teacher with the sender listed as your organisation.

All emails are also listed within UK Education News without any extra charge, a listing which on average leads to a readership by around 700 specifically interested teachers per advert. Additionally all appropriate advertisements are also listed within Going To University and Teacher News again without any extra charge.

Additionally we shall be writing to careers and sixth form tutors reminding them of the coverage on these sites at this time.

The lists noted above are just a small selection of the personal email lists we have available. There are full details on:

Secondary school: managers and heads of department, personal email addresses.

Primary and nursery school: managers personal email addresses.

Please do call 01536 399 000 to discuss your specific requirements, or to make a booking please email Please note, however, that the special price of 6p per address only applies to emails that are sent out during August.

Tony Attwood

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When teachers do your marketing for free


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What is the simplest, low cost way of getting teachers to recommend your products to other teachers?

It’s fairly obvious that having one teacher say to his/her colleagues, “you ought to have a look at this,” is a good thing. It is a way of spreading awareness to teachers whoM your advertising might otherwise not reach and of adding credibility to your message.

Suddenly you are no longer at the mercy of a school administrator who might or might not put letters into pigeon holes or dependent upon the vagaries of the school email systems. Instead you have teachers talking to teachers on your behalf.

What’s more, the message of a teacher – a practitioner in the classroom who is actually engaged with pupils and students day by day – is always much more powerful than the message of an advertiser, no matter how good the advertising material.

This is, of course, because teachers tend to believe teachers rather than outsiders. There is still the view that if you are not in the classroom day after day you can’t possibly know what works when you are faced by a class full of pupils or students. But if a teacher says, “this is worth looking at,” that is a different matter.

So the question is simple: how can you get teachers to recommend and promote your products to other teachers?

We’ve been working on this for a long time, and now we have the answer. For in a test in the last week (and let me emphasise this is a test which has been carried out during the school summer holidays, when the traditional view is that one cannot advertise to teachers at all) we sent an email on behalf of a client to 5,500 teachers.

And as a result it actually reached 7,500 teachers.

This happened because a number of the initial group of 5,500 teachers took the email and passed it on to 2,000 colleagues.

Now that doesn’t mean that this was the equivalent of just emailing 2,000 more teachers. The point is that these 2000 additional teachers received the information from colleagues, and thus to them the information undoubtedly had a very high level of credibility.

Because, as we’ve noted, what is sent by a teacher to a teacher is always read with more interest than an advert put out by a company.

The mechanism we used for this extraordinary experiment was a combination of Facebook and email, and it came as a result of our two long term research projects into advertising to teachers during the school holidays and promoting to teachers via social media and email together.

Companies that are part of our Velocity programme can now benefit from these extraordinary findings free of charge, within Velocity. We can either work with your existing accounts or set up new Facebook and Twitter accounts without any additional cost.

If you are not part of Velocity you can still benefit from these findings and we can set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for you and develop your social media presence for just £25 a week.

To find out more please do call us on 01536 399 000 and ask for a member of the Social Media team or a member of the Velocity team and we’ll be pleased to talk things through. There is more about Velocity here, you can follow us on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

Tony Attwood

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Why bother with Velocity now?


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What possible benefits can there be to joining the Velocity programme during the school holiday?

In fact the benefits for any company that sells to schools of joining the Velocity programme in August are huge. Of course, different companies tend to focus on different parts of the service but perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that if you are signing up now to Velocity the service is free until 1 September.

So what do we do in August?

First, if you are not active in social media we can get your company up and running with its own blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Teachers, although not at work, will still continue to stay in touch via social media in the summer, and additionally we can do all the development work needed to ensure everything is fully organised before the schools return.

Meanwhile, if your product or service relates to specific days in the school calendar such as A level day or GCSE day, we can ensure that promotions go out at that time to the right people – all at no cost to you.

We can also undertake promotions to Australia and New Zealand schools if that is appropriate plus Nursery schools if you have products for them, and can ensure that (again if appropriate) you are advertising to schools in Scotland and N Ireland when they return in August – long before their counterparts in England.

Finally, if you are working with us in August we will be able to ensure that you get the email advertisements that you want, on the days you want, in September. We restrict the use of our email lists to avoid teachers becoming over-burdened with emails, and as a result some of our lists can get booked in advance. So being able to book the slots you require early on is a bonus.

Velocity is a very flexible programme which allows you promote regularly to schools for way below the normal market rate, plus get the benefit of the analyses of the Hamilton House team.

To give an example, you might undertake a promotion and find you sell x number of goods as a result. The question immediately arises, how could we sell twice as many next time around?

In order to answer this one has to have various pieces of information available as a result of the first campaign, and know how to interpret them and use them.

You will want to know whether we could get more people to buy by changing the email advert, or whether we should be changing the web page that readers are sent to after the advert. We need to know whether headline x or y is best with each teacher we reach.

Quite often the answers are complex, but it is our job to analyse them and present them to you with our recommendations. So we might be saying, “when we advertise to teacher x we need headline y and offer z, but when we advertise to teacher a, we need headline b and so on.”

All this information emerges during the course of the advertising we do for our clients – and a significant part of our job is to evaluate it and create adverts that reflect what we have learned.

Indeed that is a key point within Velocity – minor changes to an advert can result in major changes to the level of sales. One just has to know how and why.

Most companies on the Velocity programme start with a campaign in which we send out three emails a month for them – each one written in a different way in order to maximise interest.

Once we have established which approaches work best, many of our customers move over to four adverts a month – two written by Hamilton House, two by them. There is no increase in cost, even though you are getting more promotions.

Velocity can include much more – we gear it to what each of our clients require. For example, undertaking research to find out what products schools have purchased in a certain subject area, or what areas of a particular topics are causing them problems, can be enormously helpful. These can be scheduled into the programme at no extra cost.

There is more about Velocity on our web site. Or, if you would prefer, please do call 01536 399 000 and ask for a member of the Velocity Team. But please do remember the free period only runs to the end of August, irrespective of when you join the programme.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Attwood

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The school events this summer


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Significant new discounts for summer promotions

The days of schools being shut for the summer are very much a thing of the past. Now, many teachers go into school, some schools stay open throughout the whole holiday, and many more teachers read incoming emails on their mobile devices throughout the holiday period.

This year Hamilton House is offering a new and significantly low price for all email campaigns going to schools.

Between now and September 5, all emails that we send to schools using our personal lists will be charged at just £75 per list.

Thus if you want to get to the personal email address of the head, the head of music, the bursar, the head of maths, the site manager… in each case sending out an email to the personal list will cost you just £75 plus VAT.

We will, of course, continue to limit the number of emails that reaches each teacher, and if you are thinking of mailing in relation to one of the key days of the summer it might be worth booking in sooner rather than later.

The main key dates are 13 August (A level results announced) and 20 August (GCSE results announced).

If you would like to see all the lists we have with personal email addresses for secondary school staff they are here. The price of £75 remains the same irrespective of the number of teachers on any particular list.

As nursery schools remain open at this time our list of 5357 nursery head teachers is also available at the same price during this period.

We will also be announcing special rates for postal and emails to Scotland and N Ireland, (where the schools return on 17 August) shortly – but please call if you are interested in reaching Scottish schools at this time. There are approximately 3500 schools in Scotland and N Ireland.

For more information please do call 01536 399 000 or email

Tony Attwood

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